Lei Zhou An, RCHM is a Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncturist and herbalist (TCM) practising in Notting Hill Gate, London, UK. More about the acupuncturist Notting Hill Gate London

Treatments offered:
Acupuncture in Notting Hill Gate London
Chinese Herbal Medicine in Notting Hill Gate London

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs (Chinese Herbal Medicine) can help with a variety of health issues such as:
• Pregnancy, fertility and IVF treatment (male and female)
• Skin problems
• Headaches, migraines
• Menstrual disorders
• Hayfever
• Sinusitis
• Gynaecological-related problems, poly-cystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS)
• Pregnancy/post-natal
• High blood pressure
• ME
• Stress & associated illnesses
• Respiratory/chest problems
• Back pain
More info on the conditions Traditional Chinese Medicine treats

To book an acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment please call 07833 132155 or use the email form on the right.