Under Zhou’s care, I almost never came down with illness again
“When I first moved to London, nearly five years ago, I googled “Notting Hill Acupuncture” in the hope of finding a way to get on top of my seemingly endless sniffles and colds. Little did I know, that search would lead me to Zhou and years of amazing treatment, wise counsel and treasured friendship. Under Zhou’s care, I almost never came down with illness again (and if I started to develop a cold, the symptoms would always resolve much more quickly) despite a high-stress job. Coughs, the flu – all came and went through my office and I stayed healthy! It’s only now that I’m back on the other side of the world (Melbourne!) that I’m back on Cold & Flu tabs! I cannot recommend Zhou highly enough – I miss my little sessions with her and the calming, restorative sense of being ‘plugged into the universe’ for a recharge now and then! Thank you Zhou.”

Lisa Malone, Notting Hill Gate, London

9 months later I became pregnant
“Zhou has treated my whole family for 12 years now. We had been trying to have our second baby for 2 years when we came to her. She treated my husband and I with acupuncture and herbs, 9 months later I became pregnant with our daughter Tabitha. Zhou helped my elder daughter with glue ear when she was little and now at 18 she still comes to Zhou for acupuncture to help with hay fever and exam stress. Zhou has helped me with a migraine, pre-menopause balance, digestion and it is to her I owe my good health. In addition to all this, she is a warm, wise and wonderful person.”

Mary Ellis, London

Zhou has kept me healthy and balanced for the last 15 years
“I had the great fortune to meet Zhou back in 1997 when I was struggling with some mysterious illness that seemed to leave my GP lost for a cure. Then, Zhou with her needles and highly effective herbal prescriptions came to my rescue! Ever since, I have seen Zhou regularly for a wide array of troubles – from a migraine and back pain to menopausal symptoms and fatigue. Zhou is a truly exceptional TCM practitioner, for she is both accomplished as a herbalist and as an acupuncturist. She is, moreover, a wonderfully sensitive and deeply caring person. I have found her treatments always profoundly effective, working on both the physiological and psychological levels and can say in all honesty, that Zhou has kept me healthy and balanced for the last 15 years, giving me the strength and also some new perspectives I needed to ‘survive’ a crazily stressful job. I am living in Japan now and thus, miss Zhou and her treatments tremendously.”

Prof. Nicola Liscutin, University of Tokyo

I have on a couple of occasions tried other practitioners but none are anywhere near the league of Jo
“Lei Zhou An/Jo has been my practitioner for the past 22 years. She has treated me through many life stages including two pregnancies and post-natal care; the development of Hashimoto’s disease (under-active thyroid); the separation from my long-term partner and more recently the bereavement of losing my parents. Jo is a superlative practitioner. She has 30 years of clinical experience as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is evident in the efficacy and refinement of her acupuncture treatments and also in the fantastic results, she achieves with her herbal prescriptions. I have found it invaluable to have the herbs prescribed between treatments to sustain the healing process and to speed up recovery from illness. Over the years she has been equally effective at treating chronic conditions, such as my under-active thyroid, as she has at treating acute illnesses such as coughs and colds. Jo does not only address the physical element of one’s well-being. During many extremely testing times in my life, she has helped me through huge emotional upheavals. I have on a couple of occasions tried other practitioners but none are anywhere near the league of Jo. She has real elegance and style which is reflected in her beautiful treatment room. In short, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Clare Stewart, London

She has also helped to regulate my menstrual cycle and boosted my fertility
“The fact that I have been coming to Lei Zhou An  (‘Jo’) for acupuncture and Chinese herbs intermittently for the last twenty years speaks volumes. She has helped me to get what was once quite a severe case of facial psoriasis under control, with further treatment whenever it has cropped up at times of high stress over the years.cShe has also helped to regulate my menstrual cycle and boosted my fertility when I was trying to conceive (I had my first baby at the age of 37). She has also given me tons of invaluable lifestyle advice on diet, stress management and wellbeing, and always looks at the whole health picture, so whenever I see Jo I feel I am getting a thorough diagnosis. She is, in a nutshell, an absolute gem.”

MG, London

Lei is no ordinary acupuncturist
“I heard about Lei’s talent through a friend and have been going to see her for spinal and headache complication for the last six months. She has an incredible knowledge of how the body works and how we operate as individuals. Lei is no ordinary acupuncturist  and her help has been key in enabling me to go back to work.”

Marina Bond, Notting Hill Gate, London

Highly recommended
“I had irregular periods for years and after a few acupuncture sessions with Lei my periods become regular and I am feeling so much better. And surprisingly the acupuncture sessions were very pleasant and I was always looking forward to having one. Highly recommended. Thank you so much
Bozena Latek, Addiction Therapist & Psychologist, Counsellor, Chelsea, London SW3

The acupuncture not only helped with my fertility
“I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year when I had my first acupuncture treatment with Zhou. Within two treatments I conceived and I continued to have treatment throughout my pregnancy. The acupuncture not only helped with my fertility but also it helped relieve morning sickness and tiredness and aided a speedy natural delivery. Zhou’s advice over the last twenty years has been invaluable and her herbal prescriptions have helped my children especially lately now they are at university and often run down with bronchitis and exhaustion. Zhou is an intuitive and experienced therapist, who combines her wide knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture with her natural healing gifts. She is also caring, thoughtful and a good listener who instinctively combines her broad therapeutic knowledge to give supportive and effective treatments.”

A L,  London

She helped me with some herbs and acupuncture
“I’ve had some digestive problems for some time and I’ve tried lots of different things and then I met Lei. She helped me with some herbs and acupuncture. I’ve also noticed that I have more energy as a result of her acupuncture sessions. She is a wise woman and very knowledgeable about how the body works and what it needs.”

Jan Cisek, Feng Shui Consultant, Chelsea London SW3

“Suffering from endometriosis, painful periods, digestive and bowel problems at 29, I came to Jo 7 years ago at the lowest point in my life, when my health problems had taken over my life and I no longer felt able to live a normal life. I was regularly awake at 4 am in pain. I started regular acupuncture sessions and we looked closely at my diet and lifestyle looking for triggers and slowly finding a path for me to follow, foods to avoid or limit. Over the next 6 months I gained more control and suffered much less, and I managed to thoroughly enjoy my wedding day! I got stronger and started to take Chinese herbs. I then noticed this helped a great deal and over the months that followed I saw less and less of my symptoms and took back control of my life, visiting Jo for acupuncture sessions became 2 weekly or even monthly.  It took a long time for my body to adjust but I went from someone who at times could only tolerate plain rice, fish and water with frequent abdominal pain, to someone who now eats and drinks whatever I like whenever I like and rarely feels any abdominal pain. I still have less frequent acupuncture and try to take the herbs too.  My health problems have been cured and are under control, I just don‘t think about that anymore, I‘m not the same person I was then.
Sadly I also suffered fertility problems which we couldn’t find a magic cure for despite our best efforts but we got my body strong enough to undergo IVF treatment and I really felt that the side effects were minimal while having acupuncture alongside.  We supported my body through 3 treatments while the hospital tried to get the medications right. Jo’s support was vital throughout an incredibly difficult 5 years of my life which culminated in us conceiving my son Jasper on our 3rd IVF. I now lead a normal life with my gorgeous son and can’t imagine where I would be now if I hadn’t met Jo 7 years ago. ‘Thank you’ will never be enough.”
Amanda Wrigley, London

It’s also a holistic treatment
“I first went to Jo some (6/7?) years ago because of a recurring back complaint. I had had a disc removed in my lower back when I was about 30 (I’m 66 now) and my back used to flare up every so often. It was quite debilitating, sometimes painful for months on end and preventing me from living a normal life. I also had a very active job which took me around the world quite often.

As far as I was concerned, acupuncture was a bit whacky. I had been to someone a few years before I went to Jo and it just didn’t get anywhere. But I felt (and still feel) that you had to believe in a treatment if you wanted it to work and, anyhow, Jo was Chinese and seemed to have this air of mystery. Maybe magic was what was required!
Well, Jo spoke to me for a while when I first met her and somehow I felt she was trying to get to know me, not just what was wrong. I’ve since realized that acupuncture (like a lot of other therapies) has to be tailored to the individual. It’s not two spoons three times a day. And we got to know each other. Even now, after all these years, Jo says something about my children which I had totally forgotten and, anyhow, didn’t think I had told anybody!
And the acupuncture treatment itself (the needles!) is usually quite short. Jo believes that it’s a very powerful treatment and the body should not be blasted with it. It’s also a holistic treatment. You hear that word quite often nowadays and, maybe, it’s overdone but acupuncture is a body-strengthening thing. It cannot patch up a leg that’s broken or repair a stretched ligament in hours. It directs the body’s own systems to repair itself. I do yoga and Pilates for about 20 minutes each day. No implements just the body working with itself to make you stronger. Sometimes she suggests a herbal supplement. They are usually foul so they must be good! They have always worked for me. I still go to Jo every so often but I have, at times, gone every week if I need focused attention. The back has been sorted a long time ago. Now, if only she could sort out the lottery for me…….”
Saul Lanyado, London

a completely natural birth
“I was lucky enough to find Jo when I was heavily pregnant and anxious about the impending birth of my first baby. Jo was able to relax me with acupuncture, her invaluable advice and guidance and predict within a day the date of birth of my baby. She also gave me the tools to assist with pain during labour which enabled me to enjoy (as much as is possible!) the birth experience and enabled me to have a completely natural birth. I can’t thank her enough.”

Helen, London W8

She is an exceptional practitioner who works in a truly holistic way
“I first came to Jo almost 2 years ago with a mysterious ongoing acne problem. It wasn’t long after seeing her before it totally cleared up. However, it was the tip of the iceberg of various other problems that emerged during that time, including various hormonal imbalances and fertility issues. Jo has not only given me the physical support I have needed during a rather difficult phase in my life, but also emotional and spiritual support.cShe is an exceptional practitioner who works in a truly holistic way. She aided me with things I didn’t even come to her for, such as the bereavement of my father and various other challenges in my life. Her calm, wise, knowledgeable and supportive manner has been invaluable. Through her extremely effective acupuncture and herbs, she’s helped me build up strength and physical energy reserves that were seriously depleted. She’s helped me understand how to read and answer my body’s needs more intuitively, and I know I can always rely on her caring, empathetic and balanced viewpoint to help me find a fresh perspective! I wholeheartedly recommend her expertise.”

NS, London

I fell pregnant naturally and am now 16 weeks into a healthy pregnancy
“I went to see Jo after undergoing fertility tests and being diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’.  As a 36 yr old, I’d been quite strongly encouraged by the NHS to go down the IVF route, but we didn’t feel ready to give up trying naturally just yet.  Jo asked me lots of questions on my first appointment, so that she could thoroughly understand what our situation was.  She was very kind and much more optimistic about our chances of conceiving naturally, which was a real comfort.  She set out from the beginning that she was aiming to make my cycles more regular to aid fertility.  They were within what the NHS deemed as a normal range but they varied from 30 to 36 days a month at random.  I found the treatments really relaxing and beneficial, and within about 3 months of regular sessions my cycles had regulated to 29 days every month.  A further 4 months on, I fell pregnant naturally and am now 16 weeks into a healthy pregnancy.  I’m so, so glad I came to see Jo before going down the IVF route.  I think even if we had needed to have IVF I would have kept them up in order to aid it.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
Lizzie, London W8