A Different Horizon

A change of decade is no small event. A crossing point within our lives perhaps to recognise past achievements before focusing our glance through the looking glass of a future. Unknown but with hope? Uncharted but with promise? This I wish for all of us.
As we can no longer remain unconscious. The twenty-first century is now two decades old the twentieth century is our History. Let’s use our energy to preserve what is cherished and conserve what we need to sustain our future entering the portal of the second decade.


Painting by Ito Jakuchu

Painting by Ito Jakuchu

The dawn of the Rooster began at the new moon on the 28th of January 2017.

This proud bird tells all under his domain that it is a new day, the darkness of night has dissolved into the light of the Sun rising.

After the tricks of the Monkey Year there is hope that this Fire Rooster will bring order not chaos. As a Firebird, this Rooster is associated with the magic and healing of the Phoenix. The divisions which became visible in the previous year may yet find space to weave together so as a tribe of human beings we will make the bridges needed to hold the structures of our lives together.

We may have to wait for the loyal Dog Year for those structures to be at least etched out on our visual horizon. Chaos is volatile, but governance takes patience, courage and wisdom. So embrace the Dawn and recognise where your energy and talents will weave the strongest bond to build bridges for not only your world but our Only world the Planet Earth….

2015 – The Year of the Goat

The year of the goat 2015

Goat sculpture by Miss Tabitha Ellis

The Wood Goat year is a year of new possibilities originating from the opportunities the Year of the Horse revealed. Literally the Horse kicked the stable door down and ran free, causing chaos and havoc in our lives. The Goat or Sheep has come to calm him down.

Horses are never put in a field on their own. Sometimes sheep or goats are put in the pasture to keep them company to calm the horse. They are good friends. The horse being more yang and the more sure footed goat or sheep holds the yin within the relationship.

The Year of the Goat will lead us to a higher perspective of the chaos and drama of the Year of the Horse. A higher truer panorama of the internal and external landscape in which we now inhabit. Goats and sheep move in herds so we intuitively will create, develop and home in on those who will become part of our tribal family and soul connections. Formulating a strategy to move forward. A deeper truer life will manifest in new and different forms to the past few years. As the Cosmic energies at play create a new symphony of our healing hearts, mind and physical self. All is as it should be, we just have to adjust to the new Order!

New Year of the Wood Horse

New Year of the Wood Horse

30 January 2014
(a Horse in the Clouds year)


If everyone has not yet felt the pull of the giant planets transforming our lives then wait no longer, for the Year of the Wood Horse starts the race.  The Horse can be a stallion who leads, it also can be quick and temperamental.  Ride the year as an intuitive jockey as then you have a chance to finish the course set by the Gods…Traditionally a good year for business Horse years are always welcome but it is also a year where you will have to be flexible in your approach.  For what was once dependable is no longer so…It is a changing of the Guard!  Be mindful of what is set in motion as in a horse year it will go at a galloping pace, whether it is of the heart or in your professional life.  Whether you are part of the herd or a leader, the challenge this year for us all is to be ready for movement…this is not the year for relaxing in the meadow.