Painting by Ito Jakuchu

Painting by Ito Jakuchu

The dawn of the Rooster began at the new moon on the 28th of January 2017.

This proud bird tells all under his domain that it is a new day, the darkness of night has dissolved into the light of the Sun rising.

After the tricks of the Monkey Year there is hope that this Fire Rooster will bring order not chaos. As a Firebird, this Rooster is associated with the magic and healing of the Phoenix. The divisions which became visible in the previous year may yet find space to weave together so as a tribe of human beings we will make the bridges needed to hold the structures of our lives together.

We may have to wait for the loyal Dog Year for those structures to be at least etched out on our visual horizon. Chaos is volatile, but governance takes patience, courage and wisdom. So embrace the Dawn and recognise where your energy and talents will weave the strongest bond to build bridges for not only your world but our Only world the Planet Earth….

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