2015 – The Year of the Goat

The year of the goat 2015

Goat sculpture by Miss Tabitha Ellis

The Wood Goat year is a year of new possibilities originating from the opportunities the Year of the Horse revealed. Literally the Horse kicked the stable door down and ran free, causing chaos and havoc in our lives. The Goat or Sheep has come to calm him down.

Horses are never put in a field on their own. Sometimes sheep or goats are put in the pasture to keep them company to calm the horse. They are good friends. The horse being more yang and the more sure footed goat or sheep holds the yin within the relationship.

The Year of the Goat will lead us to a higher perspective of the chaos and drama of the Year of the Horse. A higher truer panorama of the internal and external landscape in which we now inhabit. Goats and sheep move in herds so we intuitively will create, develop and home in on those who will become part of our tribal family and soul connections. Formulating a strategy to move forward. A deeper truer life will manifest in new and different forms to the past few years. As the Cosmic energies at play create a new symphony of our healing hearts, mind and physical self. All is as it should be, we just have to adjust to the new Order!

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