Long Covid in the UK

Long Covid in the UK

Long Covid is defined as symptoms continuing for more than twelve weeks after the first suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) infection if these symptoms are not otherwise explained. The length of Covid recovery is not linked to the severity of the initial infection and is independent of hospitalisation status.

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Research into Chinese Medicine 

2023 – The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

Joy with cautious freedom. Fertility. Good Luck with all your Adventures, Unknown and Known…. 

The Tiger’s low deep growl opened up an unexpected fissure in our world. Tiger’s singular motives did not encourage any form of negotiation for peace. With the energies of the Water Rabbit now in play there is hope for some sort of calming effect or neutralising of this volatile situation. The whole world is connected through the underground of the Rabbits Warren of community. The symbolism of how information carries on a whisper via Twitter to a tsunami on YouTube. Communication is key to generating success for the Water Rabbit Year. Reflect on what has been and connect with the healing properties of the Rabbit’s Luck…


Creative inventive flexible. A survivor is what this tiny creature represents. Not everyone born in the year of the rat can resonate with their year, as it can carry disease and lives in hidden dark places. All true, but its ability to overcome adversity and defend its community and family is fierce and committed. This year we will need the mettle of both the element and the Rat. Dig deep to mine your creative energy to utilise resources untapped. Use the metal element to cut away anything toxic and hindering you from your development and reason for being. The beginning of a new decade heralds a new Era, as a vibrant young generation imprint their hopes and vocalises their impatience on a generation who took the bounty of the planet as theirs… The rat does not waste its time pondering his next move, but strategises, calculates then implements its plan. They also work within a team. So the message is to be creative, inventive and flexible to get the maximum for this year. I wish all who come across this blog a fruitful venturing and safe passage for the year.

2020 The Metal Rat Year

2020 The Metal Rat Year

2020 Metal year of the Rat


2018 dog year

2018 The year of the dog

The loyal faithful dog will bring to earth the ideas created and forged in the fire of the Rooster. His ability to seek out the best way through obstacles will help humanity overcome the challenges we face … with the planet, as a cultural species, and as

individuals. The Chinese dog is a flying dog guardian to the Temples. But the Earth dog is steadfast in the protection of his charges. The instincts of this animal is that of one to survive, and to serve the one who he is loyal too. He is both a loner and a

companion, a guardian and servant to the temple gods. Let us use this energy with respect honour and compassion and the rewards for humanity will be myriad.

Fire Monkey – 8 February 2016

Welcome the energy of the Fire Monkey!
It’s acrobatic skills, wisdom, cunning and magic will be vital tools needed to enhance our navigation for this year, 2016. The Legend of the Monkey in Chinese Mythology tells us that he was borne from a stone egg spewed out of a mountain.

The monkey likes to move with his tribe but the fire monkey leads, he does not follow.
The monkey became king only to realize that wealth and power are empty. He left his kingdom to seek immortality. The monkey is synonymous with the wind. This is also a Fire Year so use the alchemy magic of the fire to transcend any challenging situations. Our fire resides in our hearts, utilize this energy wisely. Allow it to flow so it generates, creates and produces our true manifestation as a New Era begins. The monkey loves jokes creating havoc, be aware.

Of all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac the monkey is most capable of humanity. Holding both wisdom and boredom. Loving both freedom and belonging. Recognize this in ourselves, this is our challenge for 2016!

The Fire Monkey 2016 by Tabitha Ellis

The Fire Monkey 2016 by Tabitha Ellis

Hay fever and acupuncture

Hay fever and acupuncture
Spring at last burst out of its box, for us a few weeks ago. The blossoms of Magnolia and Cherry signal that the fields of Rapeseed, pictured below, is almost ready to release its pollen for the misery and pain of perhaps millions of the population. It seems that instead of the usual wheat or barley, farmers have chosen to plant the fields with rapeseed. This pollen can cause a very strong allergic reaction generating an equally strong immune response in people who are sensitive to dust and air borne particles, (hay fever). This immune response is typically a runny nose, watery eyes, constant sneezing, and in more severe cases a tightness in the chest with a slight fever and a malaise.

Hay fever

Hay fever and acupuncture

Within the Chinese Herbal Pharmacopeia, historically there are herbal decoctions which have relieved such symptoms, in modern times the remedy has been adapted for urban pollutants as well. Acupuncture if one can cope with the needles while suffering from the above can alleviate the symptoms and the herbs continue to improve the pathology. However I should also say that a true answer to someone suffering from this condition is to start in the Winter to improve their immunity so that when the season starts they have an advantage over the onslaught of foreign bodies creating havoc with their health.