Fire Monkey – 8 February 2016

Welcome the energy of the Fire Monkey!
It’s acrobatic skills, wisdom, cunning and magic will be vital tools needed to enhance our navigation for this year, 2016. The Legend of the Monkey in Chinese Mythology tells us that he was borne from a stone egg spewed out of a mountain.

The monkey likes to move with his tribe but the fire monkey leads, he does not follow.
The monkey became king only to realize that wealth and power are empty. He left his kingdom to seek immortality. The monkey is synonymous with the wind. This is also a Fire Year so use the alchemy magic of the fire to transcend any challenging situations. Our fire resides in our hearts, utilize this energy wisely. Allow it to flow so it generates, creates and produces our true manifestation as a New Era begins. The monkey loves jokes creating havoc, be aware.

Of all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac the monkey is most capable of humanity. Holding both wisdom and boredom. Loving both freedom and belonging. Recognize this in ourselves, this is our challenge for 2016!

The Fire Monkey 2016 by Tabitha Ellis

The Fire Monkey 2016 by Tabitha Ellis

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